Recent business follow ups

We headed out across Kathmandu yesterday morning to follow up on two of the  small businesses that WONDERWorks set up last month.


We found our first lady busily cooking a lunch order for one of her customers and preparing vegetables to make momos. She tells us that her busiest time of day is in the early mornings when people order tea on their way to work, so she opens her tea house at 5.30am every day.


The second lady proudly showed us how she has reinvested money from sales into new stock, which she’d arranged beautifully on the shelves of her cosmetic shop.  It was a treasure trove of cosmetics, hair accessories, underwear – you name it!  She has moved into a room behind the shop with her daughters, which not only saves paying double rent, but also eliminates transport costs to work!


We feel very confident that these hard-working ladies are going to do well.


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