Regina Rai

We’d like to introduce Regina Rai,  who joined WONDERWorks as our Support Center Manager on 15th February 2016.

Regina’s been doing a great job of welcoming visitors, making sure everything’s set up for activities and keeping  the centre beautifully clean. It’s a big responsibility for a twenty-two year old, but Regina’s already shown that she’s more than capable. With her quiet, unassuming manner and shy smile she quickly puts newcomers at ease and before long has them chatting like old friends.  Noticing that children who come to the centre seem drawn to Regina, we asked her to run our Mother and Baby group, which she readily agreed to – and what a natural she’s turned out to be!

Regina’s cheerful personality, her readiness to be involved and her commitment to what we try to do at WONDERWorks, has already made her an invaluable team member.  It’s a real pleasure to have her on board!

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