Relief Will Soon Be On The Way

Our thanks go out to everyone who has supported the WONDERWorks 2015 Nepal Earthquake Appeal!

On Wednesday 27th May,  WONDERWorks team members Chulie and Marc Davey will be heading to Kathmandu (at their own expense) to ensure that your donations go where  most needed.  Their personal luggage will include tents, blankets and at least 50 family first aid kits.

We will first focus our earthquake relief in the village of Shankosh, in Dhading, which was badly damaged. Decisions have been made in consultation with village representatives and so we will target only villagers who have not yet received any relief from government or other agencies. We will be transporting and giving out sufficient corrugated metal sheeting to provide shelter for forty families. The sheets will help protect the families, as well as their livestock and grain supplies, from the rapidly approaching monsoon.

Chulie and Marc will decide how best to use remaining funds when they are able to assess the situation first hand. We’re aware that, with the entertainment sector almost non-existent at this time, entertainment workers are more vulnerable than ever as they struggle to provide for their families in the aftermath of the earthquake. As such, food relief is likely to be a priority for some time to come.

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