Residential Sanitary Pad Making Workshop

WONDERWorks has just completed our very first ‘Residential Sanitary Pad Making Workshop’, which was made possible through the generosity of Mrs Ellen McNally, who kindly supported the pilot project. The support covered all transportation costs, meals, accommodation and training resources.

Last Sunday, four ladies from the Tharu community in Nawal Parasi, made the journey to Kathmandu to begin the five day, full time workshop, held at our Support Centre, in Samakhusi. Although the hours were long, they remained very focused throughout the week and under the careful guidance of Rejina, our Project Dignity Manager, were making excellent sanitary pads by the end of the week.

They will return home today, armed with their certificate and newly learned skills. In exchange for their free training the ladies have agreed to become Sanitary Pad Making Trainers in their district and will start by training twenty-five keen members of the Community Group they belong to. We have provided them with patterns and samples of all the fabric layers that make up the pads, to help with the training.

Our hope is that our eco friendly, re-washable sanitary pads will become readily available to women and girls in the area, making life easier and providing incomes for those who make them. We’ve made suggestions on how to adapt the sanitary kits to make them more affordable if necessary and how to improvise if certain fabrics are unavailable in Chitwan.

WONDERWorks will be following up on the project and if it proves to be fruitful (and if we can raise the funds) we hope to be able to run more residential workshops in the future, reaching out to rural women’s groups in different areas of Nepal.

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