We had a lot of fun at WONDERWorks today when ‘Sally’ the anatomy model finally arrived in Nepal. She was unwrapped by a very excited Anu, who has waited a long time for a decent teaching tool for her sexual health classes. There was a collective gasp as Sally emerged from the box, followed by dismayed shrieks of,  ‘Where’s the uterus?’ and then stunned silence, as we all realised that Sally was in fact,  ‘Bob’ !!!   Hysterical laughter soon filled the air though, when someone found the female part in the wrapping box and Bob was quickly emasculated.

Thanks again to the St Patrick’s Society of Selangor for this generous donation that not only provided an amazing resource but also covered a year’s salary for our fantastic Anu.  The model will play a vital part in our WONDERWorks  Fun Day at the Drop in Centre in Gongabu next week.

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