Sanitary Kits For 250 School Girls

Schools have reopened at last and we’re happy to report that two hundred and fifty girls from Shree Bhudda Secondary School in Lalitpur received our sanitary kits yesterday.  The monsoon rains have been especially heavy this year and it took determination to navigate the rough roads to reach the school but their smiles more than made up for any mud we accumulated along the way.

As part of our Covid-19 Support program we’ve been generating incomes through the making of sanitary pads over the past three months, either at home or at our support centre.  The centre has resembled a factory on occasions but the incomes have enabled women who we’ve trained over the past few years to make the pads, to pay for food, rent and school fees or clear debts accumulated over the many months without work.  

In total we’ll be making and distributing at least 1,500 reusable sanitary kits to school girls, mainly in low-income areas in Kathmandu Valley.  Each washable kit comprises 8 pads and 2 bases (with waterproof  lining) that button around underwear to hold the pads in place. When distributing we explain how to use, wash and care for the kits and the importance of using eco-friendly pads to protect our environment. With families struggling to make ends meet due to the pandemic, we hope the kits will ensure that girls will not miss any schooling due to lack of hygiene products.

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