Six New Businesses

Maxine and Chulie have recently returned from a busy trip to Kathmandu, where they set about interviewing ladies hoping for WONDERWorks support. We’re pleased to say that six new businesses will get started after the Dashain Festival. They include two beauty parlours, two tailoring shops, one cosmetic and underwear shop and one kajar ghar (local coffee house).  We are delighted to add that one of the ladies we are supporting has just completed her certification at the beauty parlour and training centre that WONDERWorks set up in April 2012.   It’s great to see a plan fall into place!

As part of the process, a further day was spent explaining and signing contracts with the successful candidates, followed by a workshop  on the ins and outs of running and building a successful small business. All recipients are asked to attend this workshop and will be given on going training and follow ups to ensure they are able to complete their ledgers correctly.

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