Small business follow-ups



We had to carry out our small business follow ups through phone calls during the blockade at the Indian border – the scarcity of fuel and the resulting high prices made visits too difficult. Happily, now the border’s reopened and things have eased up a little, we’re back on track!

Last week Bimala managed to visit all the small businesses that we set up in 2015 and we’re relieved to report that, although they’ve been hit very hard, they’ve somehow managed to stay afloat and get through this difficult period.

Everyone feels optimistic that things will pick up now.  Shops are able to restock their shelves and restaurants have easier access to cooking fuel. It’s hoped that the warmer weather will encourage people to go to the beauty parlour and also have summer clothing tailored.

We wish them all success and have high hopes for good news when we do our next visits in April!

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