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Today marks the first anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Nepal on 25th April 2072.  A day we’ll never forget.

As we look back on that terrible time and reflect on all the challenges that the people here have faced throughout the past twelve months, we feel such admiration for the resilience and quiet dignity that we witness on a daily basis here in Kathmandu.

On 7th April Nepal welcomed the first day of 2073 with fresh hope and we can already see positive change as the tourists return this season. As WONDERWorks also moves forward with ideas for new projects, we would like to wish everyone a very happy and rewarding new year.

We’re certainly off to a good start!  Maxine and Darina were in Kathmandu last week and the WONDERWorks team gathered together for our AGM – the first to be held in Nepal!  Fighting off a particularly nasty bout of food poisoning, we battled through a day of interviews for small businesses and tailoring classes. Maxine took over the English language classes for the week and Darina offered helpful advice to mothers at our Mother and Baby session (using Baby Annie, kindly donated by First Aid Plus, HK) to demonstrate what to do in case of choking and other medical emergencies. We also held an afternoon of cooking lessons for ladies hoping to run food cart businesses or small snack shops. One of our WONDERWorks ladies, who now runs a particularly successful cart, kindly came in to the support centre to teach how to make Momos, followed by Maxine who offered new ideas such as banana fritters, onion rings and other vegetable possibilities.

The week flew by and it was sad to say goodbye so soon but we’re now excited about moving forward with our new plans!

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