Tailoring Course a great success!!

Our five tailoring students are due to complete their three month basic training course next week so we popped into the centre to attend a class and get a sense of how they’re all getting on. We would never have guessed how far they’ve come and how impressed we’d be!

Records showed that four of the five students had a 100 percent attendance rate and the other had taken only two days sick leave. The teacher gave them all a glowing report and felt they were all very capable of completing the Advanced course that will start in mid February.  We were blown away as we watched the students demonstrate how to make up a pattern for a blouse, based on just a few measurements, as we’d never realised how much maths are involved!  All of the ladies give glowing reports about their teacher and want to take advantage of the Advanced course.  Their only complaint is that the course is only a month long, but the teacher tells us they’ll definitely be ready to branch out on their own by the end of it.

Next week we’ve planned a small celebration to recognise their achievements and to invite other interested girls at the drop in centre in Gongabu, to model the items they’ve made and answer any questions or concerns.

All of the students hope to be able to have their own sewing machine so that they can work from home and slowly build up a business. A sewing machine costs US$200. If anyone would like to help us get these enthusiastic young ladies off to a new start in life, we’d really appreciate any help you may be able to offer.  We can’t stop smiling as we’re SO proud of them all!

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