Taylor’s International School of Kuala Lumpur to join a distribution

On 15th November 2018, twenty-three students and teacher’s from Taylor’s International School of Kuala Lumpur will be arriving in Kathmandu to join us on a sanitary pad distribution at a school in Gorkha. The school has been preparing for the trip for almost a year and working hard to raise enough funds to provide 350 rural school girls with a sanitary kit. Each kit costs US$10 to make and distribute, so the students have had to work hard to raise enough money. On 30TH June, Project 1611 ran a sporting event called Yud’dha Freedom 2018 which raised RM7,000 for WONDERWorks and on 21st July the school organised a very successful Charity Run, with some of the money raised going towards the distribution.

The group will be in Kathmandu for a week and will spend three days of that time in Gorkha. After packing the sanitary kits at our Support Centre we’ll travel by bus for eight hours before trekking to the local school, where we’ll spend a challenging two nights camping in a nearby field without electricity, access to the internet, flushing toilets or showers facilities.

The school is very close to the epicenter of the 2015 earthquake and was badly damaged. Sadly, four of their teacher’s died during a teacher’s meeting on that day. Many of the girls in the area miss out on a week’s schooling every month because they can’t manage their periods under the current conditions. The toilets are broken and there is nowhere private to tend to personal hygiene. Furthermore, disposable sanitary pads are hard to find, expensive and hard to dispose of. Their teachers are concerned about the current absences and are delighted that their girls and female teachers will be receiving the kits. Furthermore, they’re arranging for smaller schools in the area to join their students on the distribution day, allowing us to cover a wider area.

Our ladies have been working hard and have already completed enough kits. We’re now looking forward to welcoming our Kuala Lumpur visitors and showing them around our centre and Kathmandu. WONDERWorks is so grateful for all their support and happy that they’ll be able to see for themselves just how much the kits are needed and appreciated.



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