Updates On Our Tailoring Centre

Ten ladies came along to our centre last week to begin our Basic and Advanced Tailoring Course. Each student was given her own equipment, including scissors, sewing notions and a draft book and then, under Suja’s guidance, spent the first few days learning how to master the pedal sewing machines, which can be quite difficult to come to grips with.


This week they’ve started on their first item – a padded pot holder – and next week they’ll begin to make children’s clothes. Over the next six months they’ll come to classes every weekday from 10am to 12 noon and complete thirty different items of clothing altogether. They’ll also attend workshops on making washable sanitary pads.


Recognising that some students need extra help, a few months ago we’ve also started a drop in class twice a week, which is open to both current and former students. These are informal, friendly sessions, taught with caring and patience.   We’ve noticed that they have helped our less confident students considerably.


On Friday 11th May we’ll be holding a graduation ceremony for the  students who completed their course last month, who’ll have the opportunity to model the clothes that they’ve made, before receiving their hard earned certificates

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