Wall of hope

The Wall of Hope Campaign is currently working on a project to paint murals on public walls in Kathmandu that express hope, utilizing the skills of some of the world’s best mural artists. One of the walls is that of the European Union – and WONDERWorks has had the opportunity to be involved!

Brazilian artist Benjamin Swatez has created a stunning mural for the huge wall. It depicts a journey of recovery from pain and suffering to peace and strength, with the message to raise women’s voices and to stop violence against women. With guidance from Ben, eight of us spent a rewarding afternoon helping to paint the mural! We started out with some drawing and sharing exercises before rolling up our sleeves to get started. For most of us this was a first time experience and we have to admit to feeling quite proud of our efforts. We can’t wait to see the mural when it’s completed in two days time!

A really big thank you to Ben and his team for taking such good care of us – and to Rachiv (the Wall of Hope Artistic Director) for inviting us!

www.benjaminswatez.com (To see more of Ben’s amazing work around the world)

www.wallofhopecampaign.org (For more information)



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