Well-Woman Clinic

We’d been hoping for a good turnout but when 35 women had registered for our Well- Woman Camp within the first thirty minutes, we realised we were in for a big day. We’d catered for 50 but as the numbers increased we were soon sending out for more lunch boxes and putting our new steriliser to good use. We were so touched when some of the ladies who, without being asked, rolled up their sleeves to help out – holding babies, serving drinks and food, helping with the registration process and washing and cleaning up. It was so heartwarming to see and we couldn’t have managed without them.

By the end of the day, 82 women and girls had passed through our doors! Partnering with Nuhada, each person had their blood pressure taken, weight recorded, a gynaecological check up, a VIA test (for cervical cancer), sugar and protein tests, a breast examination and HIV screening. Anu, from Nahuda, gave an interesting lesson on how to perform your own breast check as they waited to see the doctor and nobody seemed to mind the wait as they chatted together, ate their lunch or made the most of the Carrom Board, Chinese Chess and Adult Colouring Books.

Following the VIA testing, some participants will require further screening and most of those attending require medication, which will be available for collection from our Support Centre on Monday morning. WONDERWorks has supported all the financial costs, including prescribed medications, and is delighted to have been able to bring about this much needed health camp.

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