We’re Almost There

Did you realise that it’s exactly one month ago today since thousands and thousands of people in Nepal lost absolutely everything?

Since arriving home safely on 29th April, the WONDERWorks team has been working incredibly hard to fund raise to help the earthquake survivors who haven’t been so lucky.

We’ve launched the ‘WONDERWorks Nepal 2015 Earthquake Appeal’ through Just Giving, held Open Houses and sold handicrafts at venues across the city.  At the same time we’ve been reaching out to our WONDERWorks ladies in Kathmandu, providing support in emergency cases and keeping in close contact with our partner NGO’s  – and it must be said that our wonderful Project Co-Ordinator, Bimala, deserves full credit for her selflessness in keeping WONDERWorks functioning under such dire conditions.

We held our final fundraiser this weekend, selling handicrafts in the concourse area of Bangsar Village in Kuala Lumpur. We were completely blown away by the interest and generosity of the BV community! Not only did we receive sponsorship for all fifty of the family first aid kits we plan to distribute in Nepal, but with their contributions through donations and sales, both locally and overseas,  we have been able to raise  a total of  MYR 48,211.00  (approximately US$ 13,391)!  We’re absolutely thrilled and would like to offer our sincere thanks to every one of you who has supported us.

Chulie and Marc leave for Kathmandu on Wednesday (at their own cost) to oversee the distribution of metal sheeting to provide shelter to needy families in the village of Shankosh, in Dhading. Our goal had been to provide shelter to 40 families before the fast approaching monsoon arrives, but we can now afford to shelter 165 families of the 193 in the village who have been identified as desperately needing relief!  Each family will receive one bundle of sheeting (at a cost of US$70 , or MYR250) which will shelter the family, livestock and grain supplies.

Alongside our excitement about being able to extend help to so many more villagers is also a feeling of sadness that on the Friday when we distribute those critical bundles of metal sheeting, 28 equally deserving and needy families are going to miss out! Unfortunately we have already committed some of our funding in other essential areas and so we can’t meet this extra need.  How are we going to choose?

Everyone has already been so generous and we hate to ask for even more help but we need MYR5,000 (US$3,900 ) to ensure every family survives the monsoon.

If you are reading this and know of a school, society, company or organisation that may have fund raised and are now looking at how to help, please let them know about us. If only 20 people could offer MYR250 (US$70) we will have rescued a whole village between us!

The distribution will take place on Friday 29th

We’ll post photos as witness to the distribution and so that you are able to appreciate the value of your help.


Thank you so much!

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