We’ve Started a Social Club

Kathmandu can be a lonely place for young, single women who live alone in the city. Some have come here to find work, leaving family behind in the village, some have become alienated and others simply don’t have any family. WONDERWorks aims to help through training programmes, business support and a friendly environment at our support centre, but it’s hard to make friends when working long hours, often seven days a week. To provide an opportunity to have a few hours of fun and to meet others in similar circumstances, we’ve started a Social Club on Thursday afternoons. It runs from 1pm to 3.30pm and the girls can spend this time however they like – chatting, playing board games, singing, dancing, sharing food and getting to know each other. We held the first group last week and started off with an icebreaker that involved guessing the names of Bollywood stars. Judging by the giggling and noisy chatter, we feel that it won’t be too long before new friendships are forged!

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