What a great day

The WONDERWorks Support Centre really came to life as more than fifty guests came along to help us celebrate our move and to take the opportunity to have a look around our new premises.

It made us so happy to hear everyone laughing and chatting away as they got together to take part in the various activities. Nail painting seemed the most popular and we all had sparkling hands and feet by the time lunch was ready! Chinese Checkers was a close contender, followed by the Carom Board and for those looking for something a little more peaceful, adult colouring seemed to do just the trick. Then, after lunch we got together for the lucky dip, which seemed to create quite a bit of interest and enthusiasm!

The WONDERWorks team really appreciate all of the support we were shown and look forward to welcoming everyone again in the future.  Our doors are always open!




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