What a great week



On Tuesday, January 26th, we were all up early to make sure that final preparations were in place for the ‘VIP Opening Day’ of our new Support Centre.  We were happy to be sharing the big moment with our friends and partner NGO’s, who’ve been so supportive of our efforts over the past few years.  Once everyone had been welcomed and shown around, a short speech was made before cutting the ribbon. Formalities over, we sat down to chat together, slice the cake and enjoy some snacks.  Our thanks go out to everyone who came along – we really appreciate your support.

On Thursday, January 28th, we held our second open day. We  had so much fun with the ladies and children who came and were humbled to hear that some had walked for an hour and a half to be there!.  Children played happily with toys and nibbled on biscuits. Nails were painted, eyebrows were threaded and adult colouring proved to be a big hit!  After a spicy lunch and lots of sugary tea people started to head away. Bright smiles and warm hugs said everything.

We couldn’t be happier!

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