WONDERWork’s Fun Day!

What a great day we had at the Drop in Centre at Gongabu on Wednesday!  We’d spread the word that we were holding a WONDERWorks Fun Day and that’s exactly what it turned out to be! Everyone started arriving just before 11am and by the time activities started, about thirty people had crowded into the room, ready for Anu to unveil her new teaching resource – ‘Sally’ the anatomy model. There was huge interest in Anu’s class that morning and soon Sally had been dissected into various parts and handed around the group for closer inspection.  With the lesson over it was time for an ice breaker, followed by a brief chat session to let everyone know about what we do at WONDERWorks.   We were treated to some Nepali songs over lunch by a young lady who blew us all away with her incredible voice, before bringing out the chocolate cake in honour of Bimala’s birthday.  Full stomachs didn’t seem to put anyone off wanting to dance though and once the music started everyone went into full swing!  Previously shy young ladies suddenly transformed into Bollywood movie stars as each took turns to show off their moves. And who would have guessed that Anu was such a party girl!  Maxine and Chulie were coerced into taking to the floor and soon realised that lessons were definitely in order before the next event. The day created much laughter and many friendships – a great success by all accounts!

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