WonderWORKS Sponsors Nurse and First Aid Boxes

WONDERWorks will sponsor Change Nepal to employ a full time Sexual Health Nurse/Counsellor from November of this year.  The nurse will operate as an outreach worker, run a weekly wellness clinic and teach a weekly sexual health class. She will also counsel the ladies on health problems and refer, or escort when necessary, to the appropriate government clinics for treatment.

WONDERWorks has also given funding for a First Aid Box program, which the nurse will support. Our initial pledge is for one hundred boxes, which will be provided to entertainment establishments throughout Kathmandu. The boxes are filled with a number of different medications, in addition to first aid equipment.  Training is given to establishment owners on the use of the medications and they are responsible for refilling the boxes. The nurse will regularly check the boxes and give prescriptions for renewal. The boxes will not only give the ladies access to much needed medical help, but also provide an in road into the establishments for the nurse/counselor as an outreach worker.  It is hoped that once these isolated women come to know and trust her, they will come to the Change Nepal centre and become involved in other programs on offer.

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