WONDERWorks Tailoring Course Gets Underway!

The Devali holidays are over and it’s time to get down to work!

Five young ladies arrived at the Tailoring Institute yesterday to embark on their very first day of training – and we must say, they looked rather nervous! They’re starting completely from scratch and their first lesson involved ‘getting to know their sewing machine’.

They’ve certainly taken on a big commitment, as they’ll be attending classes for two hours, six days a week for three months, just to pass the Basic Tailoring Course. If they do well there’s the potential to go on to the Special Tailoring Course, which is a further month of training, to tackle more difficult items.

With only five students in the class and a highly experienced tutor we have high hopes for everyone and both courses offer a certificate in tailoring upon successful completion.  We wish them all the very best of luck on this first step to a new life.

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